Additional Manufacturing Capabilities


Miscellaneous Buildings

We can design, fabricate, and install a variety of custom small structures, some to include openings for doors and windows, some with stairways, some as an open platform, and some with a roof for enclosure.

  1. Kiosk
  2. Card Reader Shelter
  3. 3-sided MRI truck cover with walls
  4. Loading Racks
  5. Wall Panel Systems

Painting and Application of Graphics

We can match almost any color sample at our in-plant paint booth, where we use durable automotive grade paint, considered to be low VOC emission (volatile organic compounds). In addition, we use an electrostatic system that negatively charges the material being painted and positively charges the paint particulates so that the two attract and very little is wasted in the process, therefore reducing emissions. We are exploring options to further lower our paint emissions without affecting our warranty. We can also apply vinyl decal graphics in-plant or on-site (weather-depending). Our customer will typically supply the decals, but we can order them if they prefer. Make your products stand out with unlimited paint and graphics designs.

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication

  1. Since we frequently work with structural steel, plate, and cold-rolled steel to build our canopies, we have quite a few manufacturing capabilities at our facility we offer as a service to petroleum marketers and busy manufacturers looking to outsource a portion of their workload. Our 33,280 square foot sheet metal shop offers shearing, forming using brake presses, hole-punching, sand blasting, painting (automotive grade) and vinyl graphics applications. Our 18,880 square foot structural steel shop features a CNC plasma table with up to 260 amps of current, a high-speed band saw, a punch press, an ironworker to cut angle and plate, mig welding, stick welding, hand held plasma torch, and a structural priming booth.
  2. We can manufacture a variety of miscellaneous petroleum-related steel products such as tank protectors, containment boxes, sump lids, pump doors, and more. Call for details. *See attachment*
  3. *See attachment of full list of capabilities*